“What I have received through the work with Hope Mell has transformed my life. In my first ever session a whole new world opened for me for which I am truly grateful. Her sensitivity in her work go beyond the physical level, which makes each session so unique and a truly inspirational experience. I continue to work with Hope every time I am in the US.”
— Stephan Siva Trefzer — www.integral-yoga-centre.co.uk

“Thank you so much for the very amazing session. I have been surprised and pleased to find how much is still with me. I can really feel a difference. I did sleep a little differently, this is a much lighter feeling. Don’t know what was Alexander and whatever else you were doing, but whatever it was, I really do thank you. It is a great gift.”

—Blessings and Light, Angie

“I have found my work with Hope to be a powerful and profound experience. As a Yoga Practitioner for many years, Hope has shown me how to deepen the experience of my practice and bring more awareness to my everyday life. In numerous ways I feel healing taking place through Hope’s gentleness, perception and expertise.”
— Swami Asokananda

“After one session my body was in complete alignment, and Hope showed me how to maintain that alignment. I was so relaxed that I ‘felt perfect.’ A truly wonderful experience.”

“I started Alexander Technique classes with Hope in order to help alleviate severe pain from a debilitating lower back and hip condition. The results were remarkable. I am convinced that it was Hope’s love and compassion in addition to her most expert Alexander classes that reduced and eventually eliminated my painful condition. I always felt so full of Light and about 3 inches taller after a class. I wholeheartedly recommend Hope’s Alexander Technique classes to anyone in pain. (Also to NBA players who want to be taller.)”
—S. G.

“After surgery left me with an arm that didn’t work right, Hope worked with me weekly. With her guidance and help, I regained full use of my arm. I am pain free, which I wasn’t when I started the classes and there is no lymphederma, a common problem with others who have similar surgeries. Learning the Alexander Technique also helped my body return to symmetry and balance. I am more aware of my posture during my daily activities and I use this awareness to make adjustments as I move through my day. I have only good things to say about my experience with Hope and the Alexander classes I had with her.” —S.N.

“On the day you presented your Alexander Technique – I had the experience of my body changing ever so briefly, following your guidance. The effects of that one session continue to this day as awareness of proper alignment. Be like a snake, lead with your head.”
— Rudra Van Nostrand, M.D.,R.Y.T.

“I will write a few things that stand out for me about our sessions. May my words bring you 10 fold the blessings you have brought me! Each time I return to Yogaville, I make it a priority to visit Hope Mell for an Alexander session. Her spirituality and her love of Yoga bring a special quality to her work. Hope has helped me discover things about my yoga practice, and my walk and posture that I use in my own alignment as well as share with my students. My favorite part of the session is the table work. Again, there is a very strong spiritual component here and the experience is beyond description. I never want the session to end and I always leave with a new awareness of length and space in my body. Hope is a gifted listener. She has supported me thru some very profound personal experiences at Yogaville. She is an angel in my life.”
— Love, Kathy Kamala Jaskolski, Toledo, Ohio

“I have congenital Cerebral Palsy, in addition, I have some vertebrae disintegration in the lower back. I was in constant pain. My right hip was dislocated, being held in place by muscles. My right side was much weaker than my left. My limbs on the right were quite a bit smaller. I had a lot of spasticity throughout my extremities. My hips were twisted to the right, my knees to the left. Due to short hamstrings, my knees were quite bent, putting stress on the leg muscles when standing. Finally my spine was curved to the right, making my right shoulder lower than the left, even when sitting in a relaxed position. This must have presented quite a challenging picture. Nonetheless, we started with the lessons. Hope simultaneously taught me lengthening, visualization techniques, letting go of muscle tension and physiology, in a tailored comprehensive package, that made sense both on the intellectual and kinesthetic levels. She spent many hours with me on the table, using her skills to teach my body to ease into a different more gentle way of moving. Over time we saw dramatic results. My hips are no longer twisted to the right, but are quite straight. My lower back no longer hurts. My right femur is resting part way in the hip socket, putting much less stress on the surrounding muscles. My right side is almost as strong as my left. Although still bent, my legs are much straighter than before. But the single most remarkable thing to me is that the spasticity is almost completely gone. Because of this my muscles are growing in mass and strength, and my stamina has increased dramatically.” — Swami Suddhananda

“Dear Hope: Thank you so much for my extended Alexander Session. I appreciate you giving of your valuable time and incredible gift–I feel like a new person. I will see you in the future – SOON. — Dee

“Rarely in life does one have the opportunity to work with teachers of understanding and insight, but one knows immediately when that opportunity presents itself. There is something synergistic in the relationship which goes beyond the mere transference of knowledge, to change the student’s fundamental way of being. In my case, that change is a tremendous difference in the way I feel physically and spiritually. It is the abilities and insights of Hope Mell which have caused this shift in my life. For many years I suffered from lower back pain, going through two disc operations and several bouts with muscle spasms since 1980. In the past five years, I also developed a chronic pain in my neck, at some points radiating down my right arm, and problems with my ankles and knees. And for good measure, I developed hyperthyroidism, with its attendant psychological and physiological discomforts. Now, some months later, I feel completely different than before I started Alexander Technique classes. Chronic back pain is gone; my joints do not hurt, and my mobility has improved markedly. My neck does not hurt, and the hyperthyroidism is gone. To have even one of these happen in so short a time would be wonderful, but to have all of them occur is truly incredible. In my heart I know that it is Hope’s love, caring and Alexander Technique abilities that have brought about this change in my life.”
—Michael Seth Banks